Wednesday, January 31, 2007

During times of universal deceit

... telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Apparently, Park Chung-hee believed this fervently:
A junior high school teacher, Mr. Choi, was not so fortunate. He served eight months for saying that "the Yusin Constitution was created to ensure a prolonged one-man rule. An indirect presidential election by delegates from the Unified Citizen’s Conference the National Conference for Unification is an undesirable system."

Another school teacher told students that "Park is a dictator. The capitalists are abusing workers, and workers cannot claim their rights. After [labor activist] Cheon Tae-il burned himself to death, the treatment got better. But the government raised the price of fertilizer by a whopping 60 percent, worsening the lives of farmers." The teacher was sent to prison for three years.

As of June 2004, 48% of the populous remained quite attached to the deceit.

And teachers must still watch what they say.

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