Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hannara Party Encourages Students to Report Progressive Teachers

Too absurd for comment, really. A marginally cooler GNP head must have seen the board, because it wasn't up for long.


Anonymous said...

Too damn right they should be. You are the ones sowing this crap in the minds of impressionable kids, teaching them to hate Japan, America and externalize all the woes of this country onto foreigners.

One day you lot will be called to account. Your actions in legitimizing the Pyongyang regime that imprisons, starves and kills its citizens will earn you a place in history alongside those who sympathised with the Nazis in the second world war. Moreover, I hope they haul your leaders to what should be the biggest ICJ tribunal, post-reunification, and jail the bastards for their sheer moral cowardice. You are on notice, your days of slandering whitey in this country are over. You will be held accountable for your actions, I promise.

Andrew Thomas said...

The White Man shall have His revenge! (Apparently, the killing of three million Koreans did not sate His appetite.)

sam59527 said...