Saturday, March 18, 2006

open belated congratulatory message to the Berlitz Union Korea

Berlitz Korea Teachers Union
Fantastic! Incredible! Rockabilly Howlin Amen! I don't know the words that might describe what you have accomplished. It had been muttered about for years, but YOU DID IT!

Hats off, shoes off, for one giant leap for every teacher in every institute in every town in the country.

Love, respect, solidarity,

International Working Group
Korean Teachers Union (Incheon)


Anonymous said...

What of their liberal attitudes to sex and lack of commitment to their students? Obviously they are a danger to those they teach as the English Camp episode shows.

Anonymous said...

One giant leap for them, maybe, but it's two steps back anyways, partially thanks to foreigners who join an organization which targets foreigners with blanket accusations of sexual improprieties...thereby lending slightly more credence to the group. Good job!

Solidarity, brother! Maybe next week you can sign off on a press release regarding native English speakers' consumption of human flesh for sustenance. Do they sit next to you at meetings, or are they afraid of your (innate) sexual deviancy?

Andrew Thomas said...

Au contraire, they're fascinated by my stories of pan-searing a penis and sharing it with its former owner, a la Armin Meiwes!

Anonymous said...

Great to all of you! If you don't unionize, Berlitz will take complete advantage of you. Too bad you can't help improve the situation in the USA, where the Berlitz higher ups pay teachers a meager hourly wage, and offer no insurance. The Rock Center and New York area Berlitz offices were, and probably are, "sinking ships." They used to have a director, Anne-Marie Taylor, AKA Anne Marie Salmon. She's now at Princeton and gets a 10 for snob appeal. A complete C*NT.
I hope they close. They deserve to rot

Anonymous said...

ANNE MARIE TAYLOR SALMON used to be the director of Berlitz atRockefeller Center. All I can think of saying is that she's a slave-driving fascist who can suck the fart out of my asshole.
She has her head up her ass....she should see if it fits. I'm sure that would qualify as a "Princeton ReView." Same goes to John Benner

Anonymous said...

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